So what are we going to do?

Here's what we're going to learn.

Newspaper Journalism

Sensitivity, softness, tolerance, precision – these are the most important features for a journalist. Especially for one that isn't afraid of dealing with hard subjects. We're going to find out the appropriate ways of creative writing in the face of these socially delicate topics. After that, we'll run our ideas in a special daily newspaper.
For any questions, contact Tamara Pawlik or Rafał Talar


We’ll start with a quick shot of theory (broadcasting - what is it?, web broadcasting, bunch of tittle-tattles). We're going to slide thru the history of the radio, web radiostations and podcasting. You’ll be surprised by the number of different pronunciation styles. We’ll show You examples of foregoing styles and of images of famous and characteristic radio DJs, in movies and in real life.
For any questions, contact Kacper Wawrzak or Kuba Rupieta


This time – no theory. We're going to shake our brains and go creative! How to catch people’s attention without a vast budget? You're going to find out how to do that attending marketing workshop. Prepare for a bit of thinking and a lot of fun!
For any questions, contact Monika Kulisa, Magda Kudłacz or Anna Małajowicz

Working With Sound

During our workshop, we'll concentrate on three topics: Voice Recording, Mix & Mastering Sound and Live Broadcast Producing. You'll see how to
record voice easily in a quality level that is acceptable on the radio, how to prepare recorded voice for broadcast and how to produce simple live broadcasts using Radio17 mixing console. After the introduction you'll be divided into three groups, each warking for about 40 minutes with its own tutor and then changing its workplace.
We'll be joining Broadcasting workshop for an opportunity to produce and record training broadcast together.
For any questions, contact Marcin Witkowski or Michał Sipa

Radio journalism

This workshop will be an opportunity to understand many different points of view on several problems. During the 3-hour meeting, we'll bring to life a real newsroom and learn how to prepare journalistic information. What is the cause of poverty in Europe, how young people can involve in fighting with social exclusion - our task will be to find answers on these and many other questions and learn how to pass it on to other people. Our schedule contains for example making a professional research, working with a microphone and gathering information. We'll learn how to make a good interview and assemble statements and opinions from the street. The final aim is to prepare a real news service showing the effects of our work. No doubts - radio journalism is a stressful and tiring work that demands quick decisions and taking actions. However, it could give you a great satisfaction and develop your character. We believe that this workshop will give you a great fun and memorable experience.
For any questions, contact Bianka Lesik or Paweł Bujak.

We hope we'll have a lot of fun together!


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