International exchange programme Europe On Air is comming to an end.
Thank you all for comming and taking part! We'll keep in touch and surely, we'll meet again!


Here's a music video made by Tamara and some bonus photos :)

Miss you Europe On Air!
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The Broadcast

Preparing took a lot of time and work from all of us, but we did it!

The stress of broadcasting live,

preparing the mouth for reading the news...

...and finally, the broadcast itself! Listen and enjoy!

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Listen to us on 17th of April!

Listen to our common broadcast on 17th of April!
Just turn on Radio17 - and join us on the Web!

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Walking on air

The last issue of The Europe Times...

Today's workshops were final too. Now we know everything about everything ;) at least as far as radio and newspaper journalism, working with sound and broadcasting are concerned.

We are professionals! ;)

Even Przemysław Skowron, a radio journalist from RMF FM, a guest with whom we had a meeting this evening, confirmed it. He shared with us some facts about a life and profession of a journalist, explained how it all works in a commercial radio station.

Now, with our experiences and some outside knowledge, we can prepare for the final brodcast tomorrow

But first things first - The International Dinner! :) Everyone is so curious what the other countries will prepare. We'll know soon enough! ;)
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Read our lips!

New Europe Times, as fresh as a daisy ;)

After the exhausting day of yesterday, we slept as logs. Waking up wasn't easy, but all workshops were so exciting it would be a real shame to miss them!

After the workshops we had a meeting with a guest from an advertising agency, Marta. She told us all about marketing in the Internet, it's fascinating what you can do having a profile and a fan page at one of the a social networking websites.

In the afternoon however, the time for real fun came - we were finally making our Europe On Air Lip-Dub :) watch it here.

But it wasn't the end of fun for the day! We spent the evening dancing Italian and Turkish dances as Turkey and Italy gave wonderfull presentations. Believe me, after all that dancing, we just couldn't go to sleep!
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Europe lost in thought

Brand new Europe Times and a brand new day.

Although, not as cheerfull as the previous ones, as today instead of participating in workshops, we visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, museum and former concentration and extermination camps, built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

The trip was eye-opening and really touching. After the quick visit to Wadowice and dinner, we went back to Kraków to commit our thoughts to paper and other materials during the artistic workshops.

Then in the evening, we had a meeting in Pub Gwarek to sum up the whole day and start preparing the lip dub. We chose a song, you can listen to it here.
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The other side of microphone

Check out the new Europe Times!

Workshops are in progress, we're learning pretty hard (don't let those smiles fool you).

But today our hard work finally paid off!
We had a meeting with some student media, gave interviews and felt like stars ;)

It felt great to stand on the other side of microphone. We talked about the exchange, the people we've met here in Cracow and the problems of modern Europe. You can listen to some, courtesy of Jacek Tomkiewicz from Radio17.

The evening was full of surprises. The night of Poland and Romania. First of all, there was no Polish vodka tasting.
Secondly, Romanians dance reeeeally good.

Don't forget to listen to the final broadcast on Saturday, 17th of April at 5 pm on Radio17!
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Being on air is fun

Yet another European day.

A lot of work during the workshops, especially after a very long evening yesterday. Nevertheless, it was really fun.

After all the workshops fun, we had some visiting fun :) We went to see the famous Wawel Dragon, and of course, Wawel Castle. We enjoyed it very much, who wouldn't want to live there? All those comfortable rooms, and what a view...

In the evening, we dealt with some European stereotypes by acting out ridiculous scenes about each nation participating in our project.

That kind of fun lasted till the next morning... ;)
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Let the workshops begin!

The second day, the first workshops.

After the loooong welcome yesterday, no one wanted to get up in the morning. But everyone did :)

We all were curious how those first workshops would look like, and it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.

Just look at all those smiles on the photo!

I guess that everyone enjoyed visiting Cracow too, it's a realy beautifull city, even when it's cold and rainy.

After rather cold afternoon, we enjoyed very warm Belgian and Spanish evening. Now we know everything about the Belgian beer...

...and we can dance Macarena pretty good!

And the greatest joy of all - the Turkey has arrived! :)
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Today's the day!


The first issue of The Europe Times and the first meeting of students from six countries: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Romania and Poland.

After the arrivals and the accomodation in the Student House "Piast", Magda, the heart and soul of the whole project, introduced us to the programme of the exchange.

We were divided into 5 international groups, each begining with one letter: R, A, D, I, O. Afterwards, all of us had a chance to get to know each other during integration activities and entertainment games.

Well, almost all of us, becouse Turkey was late ;) There were some problems with their flight and they didn't manage to join us during the first day.
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So what are we going to do?

Here's what we're going to learn.

Newspaper Journalism

Sensitivity, softness, tolerance, precision – these are the most important features for a journalist. Especially for one that isn't afraid of dealing with hard subjects. We're going to find out the appropriate ways of creative writing in the face of these socially delicate topics. After that, we'll run our ideas in a special daily newspaper.
For any questions, contact Tamara Pawlik or Rafał Talar


We’ll start with a quick shot of theory (broadcasting - what is it?, web broadcasting, bunch of tittle-tattles). We're going to slide thru the history of the radio, web radiostations and podcasting. You’ll be surprised by the number of different pronunciation styles. We’ll show You examples of foregoing styles and of images of famous and characteristic radio DJs, in movies and in real life.
For any questions, contact Kacper Wawrzak or Kuba Rupieta


This time – no theory. We're going to shake our brains and go creative! How to catch people’s attention without a vast budget? You're going to find out how to do that attending marketing workshop. Prepare for a bit of thinking and a lot of fun!
For any questions, contact Monika Kulisa, Magda Kudłacz or Anna Małajowicz

Working With Sound

During our workshop, we'll concentrate on three topics: Voice Recording, Mix & Mastering Sound and Live Broadcast Producing. You'll see how to
record voice easily in a quality level that is acceptable on the radio, how to prepare recorded voice for broadcast and how to produce simple live broadcasts using Radio17 mixing console. After the introduction you'll be divided into three groups, each warking for about 40 minutes with its own tutor and then changing its workplace.
We'll be joining Broadcasting workshop for an opportunity to produce and record training broadcast together.
For any questions, contact Marcin Witkowski or Michał Sipa

Radio journalism

This workshop will be an opportunity to understand many different points of view on several problems. During the 3-hour meeting, we'll bring to life a real newsroom and learn how to prepare journalistic information. What is the cause of poverty in Europe, how young people can involve in fighting with social exclusion - our task will be to find answers on these and many other questions and learn how to pass it on to other people. Our schedule contains for example making a professional research, working with a microphone and gathering information. We'll learn how to make a good interview and assemble statements and opinions from the street. The final aim is to prepare a real news service showing the effects of our work. No doubts - radio journalism is a stressful and tiring work that demands quick decisions and taking actions. However, it could give you a great satisfaction and develop your character. We believe that this workshop will give you a great fun and memorable experience.
For any questions, contact Bianka Lesik or Paweł Bujak.

We hope we'll have a lot of fun together!

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Why Europe On Air?

Radio journalism and broadcasting are fascinating enough to learn, even without greater purpose behind it, but here on Europe On Air we have one. We’re here to show you that journalism can actually be used to do some good! By teaching and learning journalistic techniques, we can try to solve even global problems, such as poverty and social exclusion. Especially since year 2010 is The European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

One of the mail goals of the European Union is to nurture solidarity among all Member States. It means that all people should benefit from and take part in social and economic progress. And still – the European Union is one of the richest areas in the world, nevertheless 17% of EU citizens have such limited resources that they can’t afford the basics.

Poverty is often associated with developing countries, where a lack of food and clean water can often be a daily challenge. That way of thinking can be misleading, Europe is also affected by poverty and social exclusion! Maybe not as severely, but it still is unacceptable.

There’s no miracle solution to put an end to poverty and social exclusion. But that’s why we have to keep trying, using different transmissions. This time we’ve chosen the radio programme – during the week of workshops, we’ll prepare ourselves for inspiring and encouraging participation in a fight against poverty and social exclusion, for helping deconstruct stereotypes and promoting a society that sustains and develops quality of life, social well-being and equal opportunities for all.

Are you with us?

Learn more about the problem and see for yourself!
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The Crew

Magdalena Woźniakowska - the Heart and the Brain of our project :)
Monika Kulisa - PR, visuals, marketing workshop and Magdalena's Little Helper ;)
Arek Śnieżek - logistics
Justyna Tabian - logistics
Michał Madura - broadcasting, being awsome
Marcin Witkowski - working with sound, the man with cables
Bianka Lesik - radio journalism
Anna Małajowicz - PR, marketing workshop
Rafał Talar - newspaper journalism
Tamara Pawlik - newspaper journalism
Magdalena Kudłacz - PR, marketing workshop
Kuba Rupieta - broadcasting
Emil Perka - working with sound
Mateusz Kucia - working with sound
Paweł Bujak - radio journalism
Michał Sipa - working with sound
Kacper Wawrzak - broadcasting, best haircut :)
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Let's meet! Part 2

Someone said once that journalist is a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them. My name is Paweł Bujak and my aim is to prove that thinking is a first step to become a good journalist. In Europe on Air I'm engaged in radio-journalism workshops. I study Journalism at Jagiellonian University, but it's certain - it isn't my whole life. I'm interested in almost every kind of sport, role-playing games and mountain wandering.

Rafał Talar, student of sociology on the sixth term on the AGH University of Science and Technology and also pedagogy (4th term) on the Pedagogical University in Cracow. I’m interested in human resources, coaching, non-profit organizations. Moreover I’m a leader of student research club of creative education and off course a journalist at Radio17.

Bianka Lesik
As a student of philosophy and student journalist - I ask a lot of questions. As a women - I adore eating. As a basketball player... I like sleeping:). Don't hestitate to ask me whatever you want - I'll provide a radio journalism workshop.

My name is Emil Perka and I work in Audio Department of Radio17, where I'm developing my interest and passion for such a wide subject that is acoustics. That's why I study Acoustics Engineering. Furthermore, I really like getting known and working with interesting and funny people. I'm also interested in music and sport. I spend my free time playing guitar and traveling.

I'm Marcin Witkowski and I prefer listening more than speaking, because there's to much information flying around that I could miss. My main interests oscilate around acoustics, sound and obviously music, but what I really like is eating and exploring new tastes. For me traveling means mostly trying cuisines. When I have some free time I play bongoset and guitar.

Hi, I'm Michał Sipa and I study Electronics at the AGH University of Science and Technology, so I'm some kind of computer freak. I joined Radio17 allmost accidentally and I'm still here after two years. I don't have to say that music is very important for me so i won't ;) I also love water sports. Especialy sailing and swimming. At Europe on Air I will try to show you how easily you can "broadcast yourself" :)

Hello, my name is Tamara. I'm a student of journalism. Some time ago I wanted to be a journalist, but since I watched 'Avatar', I wanna be a marine! And I think that anything is possible.

Hello! I'm Anna Małajowicz - a student of sociology, interested in gender studies, PR and marketing. Esthetics freak, always wearing matching colours and loves to be surprised. Stays up all night and sleeps till noon. An incurable optimist who never stops smiling. You'll see it for yourself :)

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Let's meet! Part 1 :)

I`m Magdalena Woźniakowska and I`ll try to coordinate me and you ;) Presenting myself is just a waste of time, because soon we we`ll have a chance to meet for real. I hope that during/ after the EUROPE ON AIR you`ll be walking on air:)

Hi! I’m Monika Kulisa and my pursuit is to add some colours to life. I’m a graphic designer, interested in marketing and advertising. I will try to help Magdalena to coordinate the whole project. I also care about spreading the news about what we do as Europe on Air.

Hi! I'm Magdalena Kudłacz - cheerfull, friendly student of sociology. I'm keen on horsemanship, skiing and reading, addicted to chocolate and green tea.

Michał Madura. I'm living in my own space flooded by the radio and music. I like autumn, rustle of leaves, good wine and clear skyline at night. I believe in the circulation of positive energy.

"Let me please introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste(...)". Kuba Rupieta.
Sarcastic, ironic but cute and funny bastard. He's always in a rush, sleeps rarely (I really love it! but it's still a waste of time...), never stops and never looks back. He enjoys playing football, basketball and all other sports. If he had just a little bit of free time, he would read more and more books, play guitar, finally learn to sing and try cuisines from all over the world. But it seems like it's not gonna happen in the next few years...

Kacper (Casper) Wawrzak
My main passion is music, I listen to it, play it, write it to feel happy. It lets me live, mentally and financially:) I love the radio for the possibility of working with music, here I can try to become a professional, in a group of friends. I adore jigsaw puzzles, cats, cheese, beer, food and sleeping. I am... ambitious! But easily demotivated. Comic. And slightly ridiculous sometimes. ;)

Haalloooo. I'm Arkadiusz Śnieżek.
I love dancing, listening to and creating music and doing everything that is not impossible to do.
I do the impossible at once but for the miracles you have to wait a bit. Passionate of life, the physician of souls, a crazy optimist, music psychopath, the originator of many strange things ... yes, it's me. In many places known as 'Prezes'.

Hello everyone! I'm Justyna Tabian and on this project I will take care of your place to stay, place to eat and of course, place to have fun :) I enjoy dancing salsa, travelling and meeting new people. If I have time, I lay down and read books (nothing's gonna hide - I'm book addict :)) What is more, I'm studying finance and banking (don't be scared, it's not so terrible as it seems :)). See you soon during the best project ever ;)

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