International exchange programme Europe On Air is comming to an end.
Thank you all for comming and taking part! We'll keep in touch and surely, we'll meet again!


Here's a music video made by Tamara and some bonus photos :)

Miss you Europe On Air!
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The Broadcast

Preparing took a lot of time and work from all of us, but we did it!

The stress of broadcasting live,

preparing the mouth for reading the news...

...and finally, the broadcast itself! Listen and enjoy!

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Listen to us on 17th of April!

Listen to our common broadcast on 17th of April!
Just turn on Radio17 - and join us on the Web!

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Walking on air

The last issue of The Europe Times...

Today's workshops were final too. Now we know everything about everything ;) at least as far as radio and newspaper journalism, working with sound and broadcasting are concerned.

We are professionals! ;)

Even Przemysław Skowron, a radio journalist from RMF FM, a guest with whom we had a meeting this evening, confirmed it. He shared with us some facts about a life and profession of a journalist, explained how it all works in a commercial radio station.

Now, with our experiences and some outside knowledge, we can prepare for the final brodcast tomorrow

But first things first - The International Dinner! :) Everyone is so curious what the other countries will prepare. We'll know soon enough! ;)
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Read our lips!

New Europe Times, as fresh as a daisy ;)

After the exhausting day of yesterday, we slept as logs. Waking up wasn't easy, but all workshops were so exciting it would be a real shame to miss them!

After the workshops we had a meeting with a guest from an advertising agency, Marta. She told us all about marketing in the Internet, it's fascinating what you can do having a profile and a fan page at one of the a social networking websites.

In the afternoon however, the time for real fun came - we were finally making our Europe On Air Lip-Dub :) watch it here.

But it wasn't the end of fun for the day! We spent the evening dancing Italian and Turkish dances as Turkey and Italy gave wonderfull presentations. Believe me, after all that dancing, we just couldn't go to sleep!
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Europe lost in thought

Brand new Europe Times and a brand new day.

Although, not as cheerfull as the previous ones, as today instead of participating in workshops, we visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, museum and former concentration and extermination camps, built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

The trip was eye-opening and really touching. After the quick visit to Wadowice and dinner, we went back to Kraków to commit our thoughts to paper and other materials during the artistic workshops.

Then in the evening, we had a meeting in Pub Gwarek to sum up the whole day and start preparing the lip dub. We chose a song, you can listen to it here.
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The other side of microphone

Check out the new Europe Times!

Workshops are in progress, we're learning pretty hard (don't let those smiles fool you).

But today our hard work finally paid off!
We had a meeting with some student media, gave interviews and felt like stars ;)

It felt great to stand on the other side of microphone. We talked about the exchange, the people we've met here in Cracow and the problems of modern Europe. You can listen to some, courtesy of Jacek Tomkiewicz from Radio17.

The evening was full of surprises. The night of Poland and Romania. First of all, there was no Polish vodka tasting.
Secondly, Romanians dance reeeeally good.

Don't forget to listen to the final broadcast on Saturday, 17th of April at 5 pm on Radio17!
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